May Day Event

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May 4, 2014
11:00 amto5:00 pm

Mayday event in Chapelfield Park Norwich

11am-5pm Sunday May 4th 2014



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April 29, 2014
7:30 pmto9:00 pm

Tuesday 29th April, 7.30pm
Vauxhall Centre, Johnson Place, Vauxhall Street, Norwich
Public Meeting     All welcome

Speakers: Ian Sinclair, Journalist & Ian Gibson, former Norwich MP
Ian Sinclair has carried out research into the politics of the local
press. His pamphlet “The politics of the EDP” will be available at the

Momentous Decision at UN

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On Wednesday 28th November 2012 the UN General Assembly voted by 134 in favour to 9 against with 41 abstensions to accept Palestine’s application for non-member observer status at to the UN.

This could be the first step after the declaration of a truce and ceasfire for Gaza to re-initiate  negotiations on the basis of full recognition of the rights of Palestine and all Palestinians and bring peace to Jerusalem and all the land around it for all people who wish to live there in peace as well.

Wrongful detention and imprisonment of children

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The wrongful arrest and detention of Palestinian children has a long history and is contrary to all UN, EU, UK and international law and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

All children as we all know are protected by law and this right cannot and should not be taken away from them.

There is an online petition about this which you can visit and sign if you wish at:

also at:



Economics of Peace and War

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Norwich Peace Camp & Peace Cycle Event 2013

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June 22, 2013
9:00 amto4:00 pm

The 8th annual NPC&PC event passed off successfully again this year

with several new dimensions including enhanced story telling and the Norwich Community Choir, Visions for change and Friends of the Earth inclusion for the first time. We also had the Climate Wars ? workshop/discussion
Again the library excelled with peace poetry for all.

For the first time also all the trays for making gardens by children at Thorpe Gardening Club were used up.

Although this is primarily an awareness event we did also manage to raise well over £400 for charity through refreshments, sale of olive wood items, the charity auction and donations for peace balloons.
This will go to St Martin’s Housing Trust for the homeless, the Phoenix Mile Cross Children’s Project, the Gaza Trauma Centre and a charity in Bethlehem.
We also sold over £200 worth of Palestinian products.
Thanks are owed once again to the Forum Trust for hosting this unique local event and also City Council Civic Office for the  kind attendance of the Mayor of Norwich.

Above all thanks are owed to all those who came along to support this event by visiting and taking part in one way or another.
All are welcome to come again next year when we plan to hold the event God willing on June 7th.

Special Posting

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Please visit this link to learn more about ‘Drones’ and drone warfare

Afghan Peace Volunteers

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Please see this link:

Drones and the War on Terror

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October 8, 2013
7:00 pmto9:00 pm

Chantry Hall, Chantry Rd (back of the Assembly House near Chapelfield Mall)

Speaker Carol Turner, National Officer Stop the War Coalition

Tuesday 8th October 7pm admission free

more info  phone Lesley 07711 298214

End the War on Terror

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October 7, 2013
12:00 amto11:00 pm

Monday 7th October marks the beginning of  ‘Operation Enduring Freedom’ which was supposed to liberate Afghanistan

it has endured longer than WWl and WWll put together and brought no freedom
Quite the opposite it has brought death, destruction, misery and poverty to millions of Afghans, millions of whom are also refugess, even in their own country.

It has also resulted in many US and British servicemen’s deaths and injury

and achieved nothing good whatsoever at an astronomical price as well

All around the world people are calling for an end to this unjust war and all the wars enacted in the name of the War on terror

on this day please spare a thought for the Afghanis who were drawn into this through no fault of their own

World War One Centenary

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with the centenary of the commencement of WWl  coming up very soon

and in recognition of those who want to take this as an excuse to celebrate nationalism and Britishness

the very things that got us into World Wars one and two

NPC&PC calls on people to remember the ‘War to end all wars’ otherwise

and to remember that those words were a binding promise

meaning never again…

The Atom Project

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The Atom Project (ENG) · Suggested Post
In the nuclear arms race every person on Earth comes in dead last. Sign the Petition Today

Like · · · 2695243 · · Sponsored

Manifesto Launch with Natalie Bennett

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April 9, 2014
12:00 pmto2:00 pm

Wednesday 9th April,    Manifesto Launch with Natalie Bennett

12 Midday Launch event

1230 Cafe Conversation, Marzano’s

Norwich Green Party will be officially publishing its local election manifesto on Wednesday 9th April and welcomes Natalie Bennett, Leader of the Green Party of England & Wales to help launch it.  Please feel free to join on the steps of City Hall at 12 midday. Following this, Natalie will be attending a “Cafe Conversation” , facilitated by Rupert Read at Cafe Bar Marzano (in the Forum). Attendance welcome


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April 9, 2014
7:00 pmto9:00 pm

WEDNESDAY 9TH APRIL 7pm, Friends Meeting House, Upper Goat Lane, Norwich,

Dr Neil Faulkner, a leading First World War archaeologist and research
fellow at Bristol University and

Dr Sean Lang, of Anglia Ruskin University.

Hosted by Norwich Stop the War Coalition

NPC&PC honours the life of Tony Benn and his passing

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March 27, 2014
3:00 amto8:00 pm


Tony Benn’s funeral March 27th at St Margaret’s Church Westminster

Tony Benn President of the Stop the War Coalition has died at home

A remarkable man who achieved wonderful things and was loved by many
the following is a statement from NSTWC

Tony Benn will be profoundly missed from the platform of Stop the War
Rallies and at the head of protest marches against misguided government
decisions, most notably the attacks on Afghanistan, the war on Iraq and
the sabre rattling towards Iran.
Benn was also an outspoken opponent of many of the government’s policies
(whether Conservative, Liberal or New Labour) on the privatisation of
public sector services affecting transport, health and education.
Perhaps the greatest tribute we can pay him is to continue his work as
campaigner for peace and social justice.
Tony Benn came to Norwich in March 2007 and spoke to a packed St Andrews
Hall. His main thrust was the build-up of anti Iranian sentiment and he
reminded the audience of the false claims of WMD that were used as a
pretext to attack Iraq, which led to the loss of hundreds of thousands of
lives and that 80 percent of Iraqi people wanted the troops out. He
concluded to rousing applause saying that the anti war movement would
succeed but that the struggle would be long and difficult. He will be
sorely missed.

Peter Offord
Vice chair on behalf of
Norwich Stop the War committee

Fly Kites not Drones

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March 21, 2014
8:00 amto8:00 pm

RAF Waddington

Friday 21st March

Bring food to share and a kite to fly

RAF Waddington is four miles south of Linclon on the A607

A minibus is leaving from Norwich tickets £5


“Does Nuclear Energy Provide an Answer to Global Warming?”

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March 15, 2014
10:30 amto12:00 pm
Dear Friends
How time flies and now it is time again to tell you that the next UNA Saturday talk is on 15th March in The Curve at the Forum at 11oc am.
The speaker will be Dr Ian Fairlie, an independent consultant on radiation in the environment, and his title will be “Does Nuclear Energy Provide an Answer to Global Warming?” As we await a new generation of nuclear power stations in Britain, this is a very topical and important question at the moment.
Dr Fairlie was  the scientific  Secretariat to the UK Government’s Committee Examining Radiation Risks of Internal Emitters ( ). He is also a consultant to the European Parliament, WHO, IPPNW and local authorities.
Do try to come to this important talk.
best wishes,

An Israeli perspective on the Israel/Palestine Conflict

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March 6, 2014
11:00 pm
Thursday March 6th, 1pm to 2pm, ARTS 01:01, University of East Anglia
The School of Political, Social and International Studies is hosting an informal discussion with Dr. Anat Matar, a senior lecturer in philosophy at Tel Aviv University. Dr Matar works on the philosophy of the 20th century, with a special research interest in early analytic philosophy and post-structuralist philosophy. The focus of this discussion will be to give some insight into the Palestine/Israel conflict, from the perspective of an Israeli academic who has opposed Israeli policy for many years.
Anat has been active in Israeli human rights and civil society, e.g. in the refusal movement. She is Chair of the Israeli Action Committee for the Palestinian Prisoners. She co-edited a collection of essays written by prisoners, ex-prisoners, political activists and academics from across the political spectrum in a book published by Pluto Press in 2011: Threat: Palestinian Political Prisoners in Israel.


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March 14, 2014
7:00 pmto9:00 pm

Guest speaker, Nick O’Brien, Chair Norwich Stop the War Coalition

FRIDAY 14th MARCH 7pm, Bungay Library, Wharton Street, Bungay NR35 1EL,

Public Meeting, All welcome
More Info Rita Jackson 01986 897082


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March 21, 2014
8:00 amto8:00 pm

Bring food to share and a kite to fly.

RAF Waddington is four miles south of Lincolnshire on the A607.
It is where RAF Drones are controlled from which drop bombs on Afghanistan
This is a form of extra-judicial killing illegal in international law

A mini bus is leaving from Norwich, tickets £5 –


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